The ever-changing Internet landscape is difficult and tricky. For a new blog or website to succeed, you need the best SEO tools to differentiate from the competition. That’s when we came across Rankchecker. They wanted us to beta test their version. 

When we first started reviewing Rankchecker for beta testing, we tried to get the kinks out and understand how it works. 

There are plenty of website ranking checkers in the market; however, we did not find anything that was sufficient for our personal use.

Here Is What We Were Looking For In A Keyword Rank Checker

Rank checking is a key metric that every website needs to track. Gearing your content creation effort towards the right keywords is the only way to succeed. Rankchecker has always been a crucial part of the strategy for a website due to this simple reason.

While working with many popular page rank checkers, our testers found that tracking the keyword positions was not enough. The Internet is always evolving. Search engines like Google never keep their algorithm the same. There are always new updates that can make your previous strategy obsolete. This is you need a tool that evolves with time and keeps up with the complexity of manual searches through a unified interface that culminates in the power of an accurate rank checker.

Some of the tools are simply automated, but at the core, they are still manual searches. Then some tools try to utilize the Google API to get a better read of the search traffic. It depends on your content strategy, which is viable for your website. However, there is no substitute for having an accurate keyword rank checker online. It can trump the outdated operations of some of the manual searches.

Why Did We Start Using Rankchecker For Our Clients?

In the beta testing phase, the tool was already working as efficiently as we could expect it. Once we worked out the kinks and got it to the running version, it turned out to be much better than we were expecting. Some of the features were downright impressive, and we knew we needed this.

Rankchecker Is Free

Unlike some of the tools that get you in the door and then charge you for further searches, Rankchecker does not have any hidden charges. You don’t have to pay for premium services to check keyword ranking, and there is no limit to how many times you can use the tool. 

If you compare this with some of the other popular tools available online for keyword checking, it can cost you hundreds of dollars monthly for even the most basic plans. If you have a low budget and want to perform limited functions like simply finding out the keyword position, there is no practical reason for paying a premium price when Rankchecker can do it for free.

Specially Curated For Google Algorithm

Rank checking tools need to change because the Google algorithm is always upgrading constantly. If you want to go for a tool that is generic and operates for all kinds of search engines, you are going to get substandard results – 90% of people browsing online use Google. Instead of going for a generic tool to get generic results for all search engines, Rankchecker gives you specialized information curated from Google only. This way, the designers have been keeping up pace with the changing algorithm and changing needs of the users. The software is updated regularly, which makes the searches very accurate location and device wise.

Web-Based Tool

Another problem we faced with using rack trackers is that they were not always available. If you are working from a different time zone to that of the app, you are out of luck. Rankchecker solves this problem by giving you zero downtime. Access the website any time of the day and get whatever results you want to be delivered directly to your email. It is extremely convenient, and searches are performed within less than a minute for thousands of results. Whether you want the page rank or domain details, you can have it all.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis is a pillar of succeeding online. If you have an eCommerce store or any business trying to capture a public audience, you have to understand your competitors’ strategy. The problem with that is, there are thousands of businesses that have done better strategies than you can come up with within a short time. Why reinvent the wheel? When you can simply get all of your competitor’s strategies out of Rankchecker. Keep an eye on which pages are high ranking. What kind of content is trending online. What keywords your competitors are using. You can simply re-implement the same strategy for your business and get your research budget cut in half. It will save you a lot of time and resources.

Multilanguage Rank Checker

Most rank checking tools online are not geared towards regional languages. When you are working with clients who are based out of the US or the UK, you have to understand keyword ranking based on a different language. Rankchecker has you covered. This is an excellent feature, in our opinion, because it has made it much easier for our overseas clients to make a connection with the audience with our help.

The Wrap Up

You won’t believe us when we say that we discovered this keyword rank checker online by chance. We were responsible for beta testing the tool and had been its fan since then. So much so that we are not only using this tool currently, but we have also suggested it to our clients to boost rankings, all thanks to its amazing set of features. 

Have you ever used Rankchecker? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.