Design Clients

Our clients not only come from the United Kingdom but also from other parts of the world. We are privileged to have some high profile clients on board. Currently, we have a high rating thanks to the quality work that we provide to our esteemed clients. The success of each business depends on the innovative skills used in reaching out to potential clients or customers. Some of our clients include:

Mr. Green
Mr. Green is a highly rated casino in the UK offering more than 400 games with 200 spin bonus. We redesigned Mr. Green’s UK website giving it the elegant touches that you can witness when you visit. To do this, we improved on the money withdrawal process making it not only easy but also swift. Moreover, we increased the rate of withdrawal approval by creating a friendly easy to use website. At the moment, it just takes 24 hours for a withdrawal request to the approved. It is worth mentioning that the web security features are also top notch.

Other advances include:

• Creating simple 3 step registration process for new users.
• Introducing play for free modes in almost all games.
• Automatically welcome bonus upon making the first deposit.
• 24/7 customer chat services.
• Making the website interactive and easy to use.

For Casumo, we designed their campaign website. Casumo is a place where everything is a game. The casino games available take you out on an adventure as you travel from one place to another or even to other planets, you get rewards. The more you adventure, the more experience you gain. This translates to level improvement as well as increased rewards. The campaign site keeps you updated on news, winners and many more opportunities at Casumo.
Campaign site provides the following information:

• Interesting updated blogs
• Job opportunities at Casumo
• Frequently asked questions
• Casino games
• Affiliates
• Social media interactive platforms for engaging casumo team and sharing.

Danone has been in the dairy industry for almost a century with the aim of producing products that can be used consumed the world. The company has invested a lot in the production of healthy and nutritious fermented milk products such as yogurt with sweet tastes.

The company collects approximately 9 billion litres of milk annually. Their sustainability and price competitiveness depends solely on the quality of products produced. Innovation in the design of dairy products also plays a significant role. Which is where we came in; we redesigned specific dairy products to make them more appealing to consumers. Our product design services made the products an item of choice for most consumers.

Sixt Norway
Sixt is a force to reckon with in the car rental services in Norway. When one searches for car rental services, you can be sure it will be among the top listed companies thanks to our creative online advertising campaigns. Currently, the company is highly ranked for providing luxurious cars as well as economic ones in Oslo. Such a development could not have been realized without innovative advertising, branding as well as setting the trend in online platforms.