Egghead Design Story is a web design company made up of seasoned professionals providing state of the art web designs and branding. We believe in providing services for the current market after a carrying out in-depth analysis and research. We believe in listening to clients need and using our knowledge and skills to provide solutions. At Egghead, the clients need our priority.

We are well known for bringing in new concept and ideas in the modern world of branding. With our broad knowledge and experience in commerce, branding, and technology, we strive to provide cutting-edge solutions for your business.

Egghead Design was established in 2012 by Eric Thompson and Ned Franklin. The Duo has just finished studying at the University of Manchester. In their studies, they both majored in graphic design something that might have inspired them to venture jointly into the industry. Also, the cofounders ail from the Manchester and the company is located outside the city.

Number of Employees
Just like any other new company, the co-founders ran the company on their own before employing a few people. The world of business is not a walk in the park, and it was no different for Egghead design. When we got clients, the need for employees also manifested itself and had been expanding. Currently, we have 6 members of staff in addition to the co-founders. The founders play the role of being lead designers ensuring that products meet the required standards. This has the advantage of providing that nothing is compromised. To get and maintain clients involves dedication, hard work, and consistency in service provision.

Utilizing Our Diversity
Our employees have diverse backgrounds in the world of designs and branding. This creates multiple teams that have various branding solutions and ideas. We consolidate them to suit any business and organization. Our motivation is to provide solutions that not only result in communications but also promotes business sustainability as well as maintaining clients. These explain the reasons why we have high profile clients on board.

Web Design Services
What makes stand out of the many web designers? The products we produce address the current world of online platforms. Our services are tailored to promote your business or organization online giving your customers or clients the best experience. With our customized services, we listen to your business needs before choosing the most appropriate design. We also understand that a website is not enough, we integrate other marketing strategies.

Why Choose Us
We have several years of experience in online design services to high profile companies from around the world. Our diverse teams have various experiences in different fields bring on board the diverse knowledge and skills. We understand that every business or organization requires a specific idea or product design.

If you are looking for the best modern designers capable of delivering interactive, customized web services Egghead is a perfect choice. Other than web design, you are guaranteed of other services including:

• Products design customized for your business or organization.
• Marketing designs with validated strategies on how to ensure you get feedback from your customers and clients.
• Cutting edge Merchandise designs suitable for any business.
• Customized web services to ensure your site visibility is improved.